Build the Cheese Plate of Your Dreams

Sous Chef Bradley Bacon gives us his expert advise on how to create the ultimate cheese board this Holiday Season.

Balance- Remember that variety is key-  flavors (strong and mild) textures (soft and hard)

Cheese Size- Slice your cheese appropriately. 1 oz of cheese per person.

Arrangement- Your cheese board should be plated from mildest to strongest in flavor.

Where is it from? –  Highlight the regions and cheeses that are coming from local communities.

Never Let your Cheese Stand Alone- Accompany your cheeses with almonds, honey, or fruits. Stick with our rule, “whatever grows together goes together.”

Temperature- Cheese should be served at room temperature. Let your board sit out 1 hour before serving.

Suggested Cheeses:

Lamb Chopper (Offered here at the Residence Club!)

Humboldt Fog

Pecorino Toscano

Apple Smoked Cheddar

Honey Bee Goat Gouda

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